Anonymous Proxies

Almost everyone including students, employees and businessman, all are using internet facility to trade information worldwide. Though it is an effective and time saving medium to exchange data but along with this it has increases the security risk for users. Online crime rate is increasing with time but to get the prevention from this there are ways like anonymous proxies.

While searching for anonymous proxy online you will get basically two different versions to make a choice from. First version is web based and very famous among users. If you desire to get that all you need to do is to search for it on any good search engine like Google and you will get numerous anonymous proxy site links to make a selection. After logging into these proxy sites you can easily get access to other websites. You can safely use these proxy servers for browsing while being anonymous for others. But be careful while selecting any proxy site for your use as there are proxy sites used by hackers to gather personal data of users. Therefore, for the sake of safety do get complete satisfaction about the reliability of the site and be sure that the source you are using is valid too. You can also create your own free proxy easily with the help of free online available guiding manuals to make a proxy.

Second version available for anonymous proxy site is software. Software version also work in a same way and serves you for the same purpose, but the online difference between web based anonymous proxy and software anonymous proxy is that you need to  download in your system the anonymous proxy software in order to use it, whereas for web based proxy you don’t require any downloading. Anonymous proxy software encrypts your IP address so that online hackers doesn’t get chance to get access to your private data. Hackers use different ways these days to gather information of online users. Therefore, by being careless while using internet like doing unprotected browsing, paying bills online, managing your bank account online and different other works online can increase chances to share your important data with hackers to be misused.

It is a known fact to everyone internet user that IP holds all the history of online working. Your online activities record can be kept by your IP for almost like three years.

You needed to be very careful while working online and sharing any of your private information on sites for your safety. Hence, anonymous proxies can be a great help as well in getting online protection.