A Guide to Setup a Secure Proxy

A secure proxy refers to a middle party that works on the behalf of the user’s system and coveys and receives messages from another system for the user’s system. Mostly proxy servers are been used when the user’s system is not compatible for the direct connection with the other system. For instance if user’s system is fails to meet the security requirements of the website server then by using proxy server they can get access to the site.

You can also use it for the screening purposes that enable the network administrator to restrict the access of unproductive or unwanted sites. It can also be used for the caching that offers the users much faster speed of browsing specially for already visited sites in past. Systems linked up with the LAN get access to the Internet via a unique IP address for the security of the user as there are less chances that the number of ports are been disclosed to others.

Normally proxy servers work on the seventh layers of the OSI model that is the application layers. The application works differently at this layer in comparison to other lower layers. In comparison to firewall, proxy servers are quite difficult to install and maintain as for each application proxy requires a protocol such as HTTP, SMTP or SOCKS, out of these one should be configured at one time.

If a proxy server is properly configured that it can get the users improved quality services with complete security. Due to the proxy server’s function at the OSI layer, therefore it’s filtering function is much better. Such as a proxy web server can inspect the HTTP GET and POST requests and therefore, easily check the URL of the each send request for websites through the proxy server.

The network administrator can use this application to restrict the certain sites whereas allowing other sites to be visited by the users. The web domain name within the sent messages cannot be viewed by the common firewalls. Similarly receiving messages, normal routers that can be filtered with the help of the port numbers or IP address cannot be viewed. Proxy server also filters the content within the messages sent. You can have numerous proxy servers for Windows.

Win Proxy is one of the most commonly used proxy server that doesn’t requires any installation of the software in the system. Therefore, it requires less time and more efficient then other proxies. Win Proxy is a type of transparent proxy that offers NAT that enables the user to use proxy server without even practically feeling the existence of the proxy server. Along with the caching and security abilities, proxy server also supports protocols such as HTTP, FTP, NNTP and many others.

By following certain steps you can setup a Win Proxy server in your system easily. Firstly, you need to install the TCP/IP protocol on all the systems being connected with the network. Second step is to run the installation wizard and follow the steps in it. It can also require information about your network connection. Next is to select the type and name of the network connection. Then enter the username and password for your internet connection. Configured your external and internal IP address and it will automatically assigns a unique IP address to every system connected on the LAN. It is recommended to disconnect the Internet connection if you are connected. After completely all these functions now you Win Proxy is ready to offer you secure and quality proxy services.