Access Facebook Anywhere with these Squid Proxies

In most of the educational institutions access to certain social networking websites is been restricted. The relevant IP addresses have been blocked that can only be bypassed by the proxy servers.

Certain internet sites especially social networking sites like Facebook, Friendster, Twitter, MySpace and YouTube, are been restricted to visit in different offices so that employees don’t waste time on these unproductive sites and concentrate on their work. The network administrator can restrict the access of the IP addresses of such sites and control employees to get access to these entertaining sites.

A block is basically a blanket bar placed on the entire network to access specific IP address. Filters allow a group of individuals to get access to the website. Majority of the websites are been filtered whereas few are blocked. Such as Facebook proxy can be required by the students but not any staff member.

It is also possible that a website such as Friendster or Facebook, can also due to some reason restricts your IP address and therefore, you are unable to log in or signup with any new name or email address, as IP address of your network connection is actually banned for the site. Here, Facebook proxy bypass servers can be helpful for you in getting access to facebook webpage without even changing your IP address. Using your normal login details you can also get to your home page.

Now the question comes into mind that what is actually facebook proxy server? Facebook proxy server can be defined as a website or proxy server that allows the user to hide their IP address. By using proxy server you can visit your facebook account keeping yourself hidden from others. Basically, a proxy server is a middle party between user and a website that works as a medium through which even restricted sites due to any reason like firewall settings, ban from the website monitoring, security system or blockage from the internet provider, can be easily visited by the user. By visiting the proxy server site and entering your desired website link like Myspace, Facebook, YouTube, or an Arcade site, you can easily get access to the page via that proxy server.

Let’s suppose user’s computer i.e. PC1 gets connected to a website means, W1and hence both PC1 and W1, get aware with each others IP addresses. A sever have the ability to restrict the IP address of any of them. Whereas, if PC1 gets connected to site W2 and then W2 connects with W1, so that both PC1 and W1 cannot know that they are connected with each other as they can just see the IP address of W2. Therefore, it clears that W2 basically worked as a middle party between PC1 and W1, while hiding their IP addresses.

Hence, is there is any restriction against W1 then it doesn’t works anymore as W2 IP address is been used. Therefore, you can also associate the term proxy bypass as the proxy router as it rerouted several computers by using central connection to numerous social networking sites. Facebook proxy server is also based on the same logic and offers you same services of getting access to the desired but restricted page.

Proxy bypass site doesn’t work for you for lifetime, as once they are been traced they are been restricted too. But that’s not the end as you can find many others for further use. There are numerous Facebook proxy sites are been launched everyday but while selecting one you better look into the fact that the site provides different facilities.

You must be thinking that why these proxy servers stops working and been restricted. It just simple that the network administer have an eye on all your online working and visiting sites, hence as he noticed a site been visiting so frequently and he will defiantly check this unknown site and once he gets to know about it he can simply block it.

Therefore, if you ever face any problem visiting your desired website such as Facebook, Youtube or any other you can use a proxy site simply. Be careful that site should be raely used and do take a form of an address bar to enter the link of the desired website. If you are interested to get access to your Facebook account you can type your Facebook address in the search box.