Free Proxy

Due to the growing trend of online games, most of the school administration have restricted access to such entertaining and game web sites within the range of school premises so that get full concentration of students on their studies. But these restrictions are not that much workable as students have started reacting in other ways and trying to prove school administration that they can be more efficient in their studies after playing game for sometime. Therefore, restriction is not the solution for them.

In order to bypass the content filtering system applied by the school network administrator, there are numerous free proxy websites available online that can help you in it. By using these free proxy sites you can hide your IP address as these proxy websites send your request to your desired websites using their servers, therefore you are not connected directly to these websites but via these proxy websites. Hence, the network administrator cannot view exactly that which web page you have opened on your screen as he can see the address of proxy website. Among all the other available options a free proxy sites is considered to be an ideal option.

To deal with the issue of visiting blocked sites there are other options also available like changing the browser, but there are less chances that it will work effectively as to get it workable there is a condition that the group administrator have used group setting in restricting any website. Therefore, rather then wasting time is switching to other explorers to get access to blocked links its better to go for proxy server option which is quite easy and effective to use.

There are uncountable students throughout the country are using free proxy sites to deal with the content filtering issue at schools. Using any good search engine you can easily get these free proxy sites that can be helpful for you in getting access to your desired but restricted website at school premises. Therefore, after getting done with your studies you can easily play online games using these free proxy sites.