How To Install Proxy Internet Explorer

To install proxy server in your browser holds great importance. You can easily install the proxy server in any kind of browser but most commonly used and most compatible browsers that you can use for proxy server installment are: Netscape, internet explorer, mozilla, opera and also safari. Majority of users install proxy server for various reasons such as for the security of their system, to control the data sharing with other websites, to have more privacy on internet, for efficient browsing, to avoid junks or advertisements and many other reasons as per their needs and interest. In order to install proxy server in your browser you need to have few things in your system such as web browser supporting proxy settings via script, email account, Owlnet, RUF, IS, Sparta, bioc, cs, math, ECE, MEMS, CAM or stat. This article is meant to provide you assistance in installing proxy on internet explorer.

All the higher versions of Internet Explorer including internet explorer 5.5, they all attempt to automatically capture the proxy configuration data. Although it is not a good option, as it causes the proxy to fail where it is required to perform efficiently. Therefore, to avoid this issue, you need to fix proxy file and download it on the desktop. As the installation is completed, double click on the icon appeared on the screen and do the settings of registration keys needed for the internet explorer.

You have basically two options to install proxy server into the internet explorer, one is the Automatic and another is Manual configuration. Let’s first, talk about the automatic proxy settings with explorer that involves various steps for the set-up. Firstly you need to launch the internet explorer into your system, then click Tools, select Internet Options, click Connections, then select LAN settings tab, now set the use automatic configuration script and type in the address of the proxy service provider in the Address space and lastly click OK button for the completion of the proxy server’s settings with the internet explorer.

For the manual setting the steps begins with the launching of the internet explorer, then on the main menu appeared on the screen you need to select Tools tab, select internet options, then select the Connections button, now go to the LAN tab and click on it. After this click on the Use a proxy server for your LAN, option in the proxy server box and type the IP address of the proxy provider in the box provided, in other port box you need to type the port that the service provider is working on and then lastly select OK tab for the completion of the LAN settings. Also select Ok tab to also end the proxy provider settings and this will complete the manual setting of proxy server for the internet explorer use.

Now you have successfully installed the proxy settings with the internet explorer and you are ready to browser using proxy with internet explorer to get access to any desired website with complete security.