Squid 3128 Proxy

There are numerous benefits attached with the usage of proxy sites but there are few that are considered to be the most highlighted ones when we talk about advantages of proxies. But before we talk about the benefits of proxies it is better to gain some know how that what proxies is actually. A proxy server refers to a server that can be used as a normal web server, while working as a middle man to trade requests and data between the end user and the web server that holds all the details the user is needed to have. In other words, you can also say that using a different server in between you able to communicate and interact with a desired web server easily.

One of the main benefits of these proxy servers is the security as proxy servers holds some extra features. It is quite difficult to monitor the server to evaluate all the data been exchanged through the server plus it is also not easy to get to know the source of the information. Therefore, people who have to forward data back and forth on daily basis they can use proxy servers that let them work online anonymously while hiding their IP address and other private details from other users online.

As per the modern point of view these proxy servers are very beneficial to get access to social networking sites such as MySpace, Bebo, Facebook and Friendster and do commenting and posting on them. Mostly such social networking sites are been restricted to be used in offices and schools. In order to restrict users to get access to these sites the network administrator ensures that the data from those web servers is not allowed into the network. But if the users take the help of proxy servers they can easily bypass the security precautions or firewalls as the server will not identify the IP address of the proxy site and hence, user will get the access easily to their desired but blocked websites.