Free Proxy Server

If you want to browse the World Wide Web and you don’t want any body to find your IP address the best and easy way is to use a web proxy which is also called web server. Now first of all your must be wondering why IP address is so important to protect. IP address provide you an identity over the world wide web and let say if somebody do some thing using your identity that will be blamed on you in the same way hackers are always looking for those kind of IP address which they can use for there own motives and of course there motive will not be good if those hackers will able to find those kind of IP address they will try to bring those IP address under there control and to avoid all these problems they best way is to use a proxy server which will provide you a shield from those bad intensions.

Let’s explain how these proxy servers work and what a user can expect when he is planning to use a proxy server. The first step is to open the proxy server page by typing address in address line for world wide web addresses once your are done with that your can find a place on the page of proxy server to write down the website address your want to access in other words your can call it URL. When your are done with that another parallel page will open with the same web site whose address was written on proxy server page and after that your can browse that website as normal as like other ways.

Now when a user will look in to benefits of doing this the user will feel secure because that proxy server will hide the IP address from rest of the internet so hackers will not able to use it and on top of that proxy server will help in increasing the speed of surfing of that web site.

Proxy servers benefits will not stop there it can provide a lot more then that one which should be mention here is content control a proxy server will allow your to control the website content which will be a big help I certain conditions.