Proxy Server- Web Proxy Server

Every day lots of important data is been traded online from one destination to another for different purposes. Online working and exchange of information holds a great risk for users as there are chances of different kind of criminal acts like hacking, misuse of private information, and much more. Therefore, in order to provide users safety and security while working online there are various options available that can be used. Web proxy server is one of the best options to get protection against online crime.

A web proxy server can be defined as an application that filters out the data received from the user and send to the website. Basically web proxy server works as a middle party between user and website. Whatever request a user place online such as a song, video, or graphics, a web proxy server receives the request and transfer it to the website and get back to the user response that it gets from the website to the user’s request.

There are many advantages of using web proxy server. One of the main highlighted benefits attached with the web proxy server is masking ability and function. By using web proxy server you can work online by being anonymous, as web proxy server is the middle party that collects data or request from the user and then send to the web site. Therefore, the IP address been used by the user is not showed on the site whereas web proxy server gets you your requirements from the website.

The IP address holds great importance as your finger print or signature holds. If your Internet Protocol is been disclosed to anyone that means he/she can easily figure out your ISP as well.  Since, ISP holds all the records of your online workings like your email account information, history of web sites been used by you, your online bank account details and much more, therefore if anyone get access to all these personal data he/she might can misuse it and can be harmful for you. Such kind of crime can be done by anyone may be sitting miles away in different country or continent.

The main purpose of these web based proxies i.e. web proxy server is to provide protection to your IP address and personal data that can be disclosed and misused by others. Web proxy server is a best option that allows the user to use World Wide Web safely and being anonymous, especially when you are using anyone else or internet cafe computer. Therefore, internet security is not an issue anymore as we have web proxy server option available which is easy and secure to use.