Public Proxy Server

Proxy servers are available in large number over the internet but finding the right one is a big problem. There are a lot of lists available for proxy server and if a user will depend on those lists it will be a very risky decision. One of the reason it would become risky is that almost any body can access them with out any charge. Which leave them open to all kind of users in which your can find hackers and identity thieves and they can use your data for there own purpose which will defiantly will not go in to your favor.

The question mark on quality of the proxy servers who can be access with out any restriction is always there. This will defiantly decrease the quality because user level is not defined and all can be in one pot. By allowing access to the all kind of people proxy server can be found in list of many websites and many websites mean many people will access all of them which make them kind of very late in there response time and if your will need them in time of need they will most probably let u down. On top of that those users who use them when finds out about the quality of proxy server they will start using it for there own benefits which will not interest your usage and your will feel like in a jungle when is no law.

Proxy server can have above mention problems which includes giving away personal data let you down in time of need and so on but the most dangerous is that they might be having problem of giving away your identity as well as a internet user. So to make is easy for a user to chase a proxy server we can divide all kind of proxy server in to different classes one of them which give away your identity and don’t calm that they will not do it is transparent proxies. When proxy makes a bridge between user and the web site and during this process it gives away the identity of the user then the user will not remain anonymous.