Anonymous Proxy Server

In the world of internet users differ from each other some are new ones and some are quite old and know few tricks. Doesn’t matter what kind of user we talk about but privacy is one of the most important thing on internet and users who got better privacy they feel good about it they should be it is that much important to them even thought big companies like google, yahoo or Microsoft faces these kind of challenges. Privacy and IP addresses are both related to each other very much.

Most of world wider users are not very families with IP addresses they don’t take it very personal and don’t regard it as there own and there are some of those who are always very worried about there internet protocol addresses. If we talk about the importance of IP addresses most important of all they give up your location and where about to all the user who can see your internet protocol addresses and they can also access your history for browsing and can use it against you which could include any of your personal date related to bank or health etc. There are many idea on the table to protect users with there identity while they surfing internet because it is a very serious issue.

Internet users wants to secure there entire data from all kind of unauthorized use. They want to stay away from junk emails. Usually internet service providers use the data to advertise products and some of them ending up selling the data to other advertising companies which could end up as very annoying interference in your peace full time by some telemarketing or your can miss your important email because your mail box might be full of advertisement mails. A user got full right to spend his personal mail box as he wants and that could only be possible by protecting user’s personal data from unnecessary access.

We will come back to the importance on internet protocol address. Internet service provider can argue with protection laws and other means of tracing down criminals on internet that IP address can not be handle as personal information but does it sound fair that due to some bad people the whole community have to suffer and still the criminal remain in large users remain on high risk.