Anonymous Proxy- The Advantages

The one main advantage of these anonymous proxy servers is that they hide the IP address of the user while working online and safe him from different online criminals and hackers that are looking for private data of the users for their evil purposes. Now the question arises in mind that how these anonymous proxy sites can safe you from online frauds and crimes. To answer this there is a website available holding all the details and needy information related to the tools and techniques that can be used to simplify the detection of these anonymous proxy sites and also do the inquiry on the behalf of the local database for the IP address.

As the person gets an updated list of proxies having all the currently activated proxies’ addresses then it will be easier for him to pick out the impending online criminals and hackers working at the back of some of these anonymous proxy servers. It can be done by using the IP2 proxy that holds the ability to detect the anonymous proxy servers. Hence, it is considered to be an effective tool that can be used to detect easily fraudulent. There is a detection or recognition box available that helps in identifying the users of the anonymous or open proxy servers. You can get further useful details by visiting the website at your own.

IP stands for Internet Protocol, been assigned to every computer connected with the internet. By using IP address of any visitor of the website you can easily gather his details like his location and some other private data.

Unfortunately as the users now hide their IP addresses that provide different kind of online criminals and spam with the credit cards. In order to control this there are several websites that do not let users with anonymous IP addresses to enter their websites. As it is quite time consuming and difficult for these websites to detect the people visiting their sites using anonymous IP addresses.