Can I Find A High Anonymity Proxy For Free?

Most of the people prefer internet services as they are free but with this one needed to be cautious as well as it can affect your privacy and reveal your private data to others. There are proxy servers that can be used effectively to get fast and secure online browsing, but are quite expensive and its hard to get reliable services free of cost.

Proxy lists are an effective tool if you are searching for a highly secure and anonymous proxy site that you can use to visit any website of your desire while hiding your identity and details. These proxy sites can sometimes be a trouble and frustrating for you as well as due to the heavy traffic on these sites the browsing speed is slow.

It is a difficult job to do to get a fast working and secure proxy server. Due to the required bandwidth these proxy servers can be a bit expensive. If the service been offered free of cost then you will observe that your proxy server resources are depleted faster.

These proxy sites do offer quality services to their users but the question arise in mind is that why the owners of these sites offer free services without charging any fees and what is their interest behind? The simple reason behind this could be is that most of these highly anonymous proxy sites come into existence accidentally by incorrect setups or may be because of being hacked without even knowing by the site owners. The only logical reason seems to be is that the owner of these proxy sites can see the statistics and charges that have been raised from the all the bandwidth.

If you are using a proxy server then keep the fact in your mind that it will not be that fast neither will keep your private data secure and safe. Most of these free proxy servers are been setup by the online criminals that are interested in gathering the user’s private data like login name and password. This is also a fact that the owner of the server can get the complete details about all the data been passed on the server.

These free proxy servers are not that secure to be used for browsing online as they claim to be highly anonymous and secure. The personal details of the user is hidden from the website you visit but unfortunately the free proxy site that you are using is been used by the Eastern European Hacking groups, it will be the least of your worries.