The Best Methods To Find Anonymous Proxy

As you made the connection with HTTP, the IP address is been necessarily provided to receive the details. The IP address also allows the server to identify the user making request for the website. The website can also gain all the private data regarding the user by using the provided IP address or ISP.

The website also holds the ability to view all the activities of the user on the webpage and can also share it further to other parties. There are several websites that applies restrictions on the users belong to particular countries or regions of the world.

The anonymous proxy server works as a middle party in between the user and the website. In this case the user doesn’t connect directly to the website. Firstly the browser is been connected to the proxy site and proxy site further send the user’s request to the website server. As the proxy site receives the response from the website server, it forwards it to the use as a response to their request. Therefore,   there is no direct communication between the user and the website and it seems that the HTTP request is been made by the proxy server. The only way left to get the information about the user is the anonymous web proxy that holds the user’s details. The anonymous proxy server serves as a middle party between the user and the website and provides all the security and privacy to the user of his details.

One another advantage of these anonymous proxy sites is to get access to the websites which are unable to be visited by the users due to IP address blockage. For instance, most of the users use web proxies to visit the WebPages been blocked by the government or office administration.

Anonymous web proxies works simply as a web form and also known as CGI proxy. Therefore, the user can get direct navigation to the home page of the website and don’t need to configure the IP address first that is been done in most of the proxies of HTTTP or the SOCKS. The web proxies helps the users is hiding their identity while keeping the cookies in their sites. As the user is done with his browsing all the details and scripting along with images are been erased.

If you are interested to get a web proxy for yourself all you need to do is to search on any good search engine for web proxy and you will get a list of options. You can use web proxy site easily for browsing while keeping your IP address and other data hidden from others.