What is Squid Proxies Refund Policy?

Our money back guarantee is within 7 days after payment. If you're not happy with the proxies, please send us details of the issue. If we can't fix it, we will return your money.

Exception: But if a customer has been issued 100% refund in the past and decided to order again, the succeeding refund request is a maximum of 50%. It applies to customers who use the same Paypal emails or credit card details across the same or different accounts. This ruling was due to certain customers abusing our refund policy.     
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What type of proxies do you sell?

These are HTTP/HTTPS proxies running on high end dedicated proxy servers. 

How many IPs can I authorize?

Maximum allowed authorized IP is 10.

Where can I use your proxies?

You can use it with almost any application that supports HTTP/HTTPS Proxies. We support all...

Can I test a proxy before purchasing?

We do not provide trial proxies due to abuse. We suggest buying the smallest package, to test if...

What are the payment options?

We accept PayPal, 2Checkout and Bitcoin.

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