Find IP Address

Being able to unblock Youtube and other sites has been quite helpful for many users. For individuals and even businesses, connecting to these sites allows them to use valuable resources online for any purpose. Like most users, however, you may be concerned that the price for access would be giving your IP address unknowingly. Aside from pointing to your location, this piece of information can be used to get more private details from you. Unfortunately, you may be exposed to this threat every time you go online even if you are behind a firewall.

Most people do not want to give away their postal address and phone number to strangers. Those who are more careful may resort to using a P.O. box or an unlisted phone number to prevent intruders or unwelcome people showing up on their door steps. When you go online, your device is identified only by the public IP address assigned to your router. However, you could be running a program or accessing a website that can check open ports on your computer or device and get your private IP address. When this happens, your connection may be compromised. Hackers may be able to acquire private details from your files, passwords, financial data, and social media accounts.

Does Your Proxy Service Provider Offer These Benefits? 

To hide your IP address from the watchful eyes of cyber criminals, find a proxy service that offers a high level of anonymity. Aside from the ability to unblock Youtube, Facebook and other sites, look for the following features:

  • no bandwidth limitations
  • ability to hide your proxy status and IP address
  • support HTTP and HTTPS protocols and all web browsers
  • use of high speed servers
  • availability of multiple subnets from different locations
  • easy or fast setup process
  • use of non-sequential IP address for uninterrupted access

It is fair to expect that there is a price for top quality proxies. With the fast pace growth of the industry, you should be able to find affordable proxy services. Free proxies are all over the Internet but they offer low quality connections, have capped bandwidth, and are potentially not as secure as they claim to be. Moreover, they may not offer 24 by 7 support and expose you to advertisements.

Is Hiding the IP Address Enough for Security and Privacy?

Basically, proxy servers hide your IP address when you go online. A large number of proxies identify themselves with proxy-specific headers. Sites that do not like proxy servers will either redirect you or deny access. It defeats the purpose of using a proxy if you want to unblock Youtube and other accounts.

Are all proxies detectable? No, there are proxy servers that do not disclose their status by not transmitting proxy-specific data. These highly anonymous proxies offer top quality anonymous web browsing and privacy for online transactions. Sites or servers that you connect to will not be able to detect your real IP address and the fact that you are connecting through a proxy. For best results with practically any legal use or purpose, choose private proxies.