IP Address

IP stands for Internet Protocol and it is used as an identity number allotted to every PC that helps in tracing the network connection of the PC. IP address also helps in tracing the exact location of the internet user in the world. Hence, an IP address basically performs two functions, one to identify a PC and second is to locate the area or city that the PC belongs to. One another function that an IP performs is the transferring of information or messages between the host and the nodes. On the basis of your area and size, the network service provider allots you an IP address number as you get the internet connection for your PC.

Because of the binary format of the IP address it appears in the form of 32-bits, which can be easily read by any person. Basically there are two types of IP address IPv4 which is of v32-bit and IPv6 of 128-bit. Normally IPv4 used as IP address but due to the growth in the usage of internet globally IPv6 is been invented to meet the demand of IP addresses. Though both of the IP versions have same database system globally in the World Wide Web services but both versions work in a different manner.

IP address is allotted to the internet users in two ways based on the servers, namely static and dynamic. Basically dynamic host configuration protocol offers a dynamic IP address to the users and normally allotted to the LANs and broadband services in order to share the load of the network providers. The dynamic addresses are allotted automatically to the users whereas static IP has to be allotted randomly and can be used as the PC or the internet connections require troubleshooting. It also offers the host location and the address of the user.

People interested in working online being unknown to others then they need to hide their IP address from others in order to get privacy while using internet. In order to get the help in hiding IP address there are numerous proxy websites available online. Mostly government agencies use others IP addresses for geolocation that helps them in locating the user’s location and geographical area on the Earth. It is ethically wrong to search for other’s IP address to locate them but it is really helpful in stopping online crimes. Today where internet has become one of the main ways of communication of all kind of purposes, therefore it is very important to make it safe and secure for the users as if the IP address is been disclosed of the user it will help in tracing the exact location and other personal data of the user. IP address also allows others to get the browsing history of the user.