Advantages of Using a Transparent Proxy

One of the main advantages of transparent proxy is that it offers the users high band width and also reduction in the latency of the transmission that ultimately improves the quality of the service. It is also a fact that if the user doesn’t use proxies the network will be diverted and in various regions the internet traffic can be contended and in result network links and servers performance get affected. Such as, if anyone visited a page already after dragging the file online, when next time he is going to open the same file it will be quicker due to the infrastructure of the transparent proxy.

In terms of functions proxy and transparent offers same functions to the user but the only main difference between transparent proxy and proxy is that for transparent proxy user don’t need to go for any kind of network settings or configuration of the HTTP traffic, as the network infrastructure of the transparent proxy that is made as a part of all the port traffic have to be passed through the network.

One another advantage of the transparent proxy is that it needs to cache the network that should be adopted by other network services as well. Due to this frequent use of cache, the browsing quality is improved a lot for the users. Hence, users can easily add the WebPages that they desire to visit frequently in the favorite’s list that normally takes a pretty long time period to be loaded due to the several probable bottlenecks on the network.

While using transparent proxy to browse, if user refreshes the browser it is updated quicker. By simply clicking the control and refresh button on the key board or refresh and shift buttons in the Netscape, user can easily updated the webpage. It is a fact that caching is not only a specialty of transparent proxy but also be done by other proxies as well. For the immediate reference in future, caches are been saved in the system. Though there is a possibility that user is using so many caches at a time. In order to manage the bulk of users and to be saved from any kind of crashing because of the heavy usage of processing, several web hosting companies also use cache severs. There are some sites with low quality coding and hence their behavior is different as it is been written to regulate the caching.