Web Proxy

A web proxy is one of the most widely used tools worldwide. Web proxies are most commonly used by students and office going people who have to face restrictions from their office or school servers to visit certain entertaining websites. Therefore, Web proxies are helpful for these internet users who wanted to visit restricted websites at their office or school.

There are several social networking websites that are frequently used by people and among them Myspace is one of the most favorite site. Therefore, most commonly web proxy is used for getting access to Myspace web page. By using myspace proxy server you can easily unblock myspace and can open the myspace web page on your browser.

There are web proxies’ websites which stops working and gets inactive after sometime. Therefore, it’s better to get a list of web proxy servers with you so that you can use any other available option if one stops working. You can easily search for these web proxies through different ways. There are numerous frequently visiting web pages like Youtube, facebook, Myspace, and many others that have been restricted by the network administrators at schools and offices. But still you can easily get access to these sites by using web proxies.

One of the main benefits of using these web proxies is that its cache can be used by different kind of users. In most of cases the web proxy cache remember the most visited web pages by the users that can save searching and buffering time for users. There are also specially designed cache servers that can be used for the purpose of keeping the records of visiting sites.

You can get both of the web proxy functions; firewall and caching in just one package or may be separately. It depends on the computer system you are using that what it can afford. Such as there can be a web proxy server along with the firewall server in the same computer or it can also be on the different server as well and can transfer data via firewall.

There is a great variety of proxy servers available offering different functions including anonymous proxies that can be an effective tool in hiding IP address and also be used to block sites that are not save to use. Since by using proxy server you IP is hidden and proxy server’s IP address is been shown to others but it’s not a surety that you will be unknown completely as proxy sites have logs of IP addresses.

People facing restrictions to visit certain sites at their school or office can use proxy servers to get access to blocked pages, but should select right kind of proxy as not all proxies are effective and safe to use. Secondly people needed some protection and security while using internet can also use proxies as it hide’s IP address and can save from hackers. In order to use proxy server you don’t need any special hardware or software program installed in your computer you can simply browse and use it.