An Extensive Overview of Proxy Servers

A proxy server is a computer program or application that helps the user to access other systems. Proxy servers are technically associated with the computer systems that requires some services, files or resources that are used in systems using several servers. Proxy servers help the users to visit the sites that users desire to visit and also forward the user’s requests to the server to establish connection.

The main purpose of using these computer programs is to maintain the security as these proxy servers allows the users to hide their identity while working anonymously online. Most of the users also use this program to increase the speed of the browsing through caching. By using this program users can easily use the cache web resources from these trustworthy and safe servers.

There are different types of proxies available which is important for a user to know about all the types and their functions. For example there are some proxies that are used to increase the speed of browsing of websites that have already been visited previously by the user. Individuals interested to get access to web caches they can also use these proxy sites. People desire to stay anonymous while browsing on internet can use anonymous proxy sites. Some other types of proxies includes: content-filtering proxies, hostile proxies and also intercepting proxies. Users also have facility to use proxies like open proxies, forced proxies and reverse proxies as well.

There are also some risks associated with the proxy servers. People using these kinds of computer programs to visit other websites need to be careful regarding their log in and password details that they normally share on internet. There are also malicious proxy servers that store all the private details of the users. There is a big risk attached with the anonymous proxy sites as there is no option available that the user can retrieve the personal data. It is also highly recommended to all the users of such computer programs to gain knowledge about all the policies and rules of these proxy sites before they start using any proxy site.

There are different proxy software and proxy list available for the convenience of the users. Individuals interested in having trustworthy and effective proxy software can go for aiCache that is famous because of its perl pattern matching system. People have to rewrite emails, instant messages online, or any typing work at websites can sekect AlchemyPoint for their use. Some other available software programs are Ideco Gateway, Apache HTTP Server, and Novell BorderManager. If you are looking for free proxies then you have an option to try anonymous proxy servers like,, and Lastly, users who like to have high-anonymous proxies, they can try servers like,,, For the safety and efficiency of these proxy servers it is important that the user look into the fact that for which country proxy server is allowed to be used.