Anonymous Proxy Server

Today, we have numerous web sites offering free anonymous proxy servers, out of which there are some fake and unproductive websites as well. Therefore, while selecting a proxy site for use one needs to be careful. There are some good and effective proxy server web sites available online that can serve you better for your purpose but there are some sites that can get into your computer through malicious software that can disclose your personal data saved in the computer. Hence, everyone wants to be safe from such downloads on their computers. It is in one’s hand to make a choice whether to keep an ip address or personal data saved from the hackers. Though, making a choice is not that difficult.

One of the main purposes of using anonymous proxy sites is to browse any site with complete security and safety. Anonymous proxy server is the best option for people who are unknown with security issues while searching for proxy sites online. Therefore, if you consider yourself among the same category of people then you should also spare some time to gain some knowledge regarding anonymous proxy server to avail the opportunity to be saved from any hacker or leakage of data for the proxy server owner.

The proxy server owner has this facility available to look into all the saved personal data in your computer, therefore he will be getting all the knowledge about whatever work you are doing on your computer screen. Therefore, anonymous servers are not appropriate to use for web sites where you have to share your personal data as it is not safe. Since, the proxy owner has the access to your computer and whatever data you will share on different web sites you open on your browser will be known by the proxy owner. Your feed information along with your ip address will also be revealed to the proxy server owner and this indicates that the anonymous proxy server doesn’t work actually as an anonymous server.

All of these above mentioned facts can easily make you understand that why these anonymous proxy servers are easily available free of cost. These servers are not costing you money exactly but actually gaining access to your personal data that can be mis-used and can be more costly for you. The personal data that can be disclosed can include your bank account information, your emails and passwords for your different online accounts, and your contacts from your social networking web pages. Since, your proxy server owner holds all the ability to look into all the online work you are doing on different web sites, therefore this cannot be called secure and anonymous browsing.