Free Proxy Server

A proxy server is one of the best options for people interested in getting access to social networking web sites being blocked by network administrators at their offices or schools. Different companies and schools restrict usage of such entertaining websites that can distract attention of their employees or students during work or study hours. Therefore, proxy server is used as a buffer zone connecting computers and the restricted websites through the networking administration.

Anonymous proxy servers are a good option for people interested to get a free proxy site. As compared to other proxy servers these anonymous servers are more secure to use. These anonymous proxy sites allow you to hide your actual ip address that has been restricted for the site. Therefore, by using these anonymous proxy sites you can get access to restricted web pages you desire to visit without even letting your networking administrator know and even the web site administrator will never find out that who is visiting the web site.

You can easily search these free proxy sites online by using any good search engines like Google or Yahoo. You can search for such sites by using different keywords such as proxy site, free proxy sites, free proxy list, or free proxy server. By the help of these keywords you will find different website links that offer you free of cost proxy servers as their costs are being already covered due to the heavy advertisement on such web pages.  There are proxy servers that also allow different adware or malware attached with them, which can be risky for your computer and hard to delete from the hard disk, therefore you need to be careful regarding contents while selecting any proxy site.

In order to get a proxy server it’s better to download proxy software easily available on any free proxy site. If you will have the software downloaded in your computer you don’t need to search a new proxy server again and again or every time. This will also save from malware as you don’t need to visit any risky web sites. There are numerous web sites that offer you free proxy software’s for download, all you need to do is to spare few minutes to make a search.