In Search of Public Proxy Servers

Public proxy servers have become the quick solution for people who have limited network access or restrictions. Readily available to millions of users, public or open proxies have helped users browse anonymously or without having their IP address captured. Some people consider the term “anonymous” loosely used here to refer to having a server communicate to websites on your behalf. In any case, having a proxy list handy for unrestricted access to the Internet anytime is a great benefit.

How to Find and Use a Public Proxy Effectively

Everytime you type “public proxy” or “open proxy” on your browser, you will find providers scrambling to offer access. The price is your consent to see their sponsors’ ads or to consider a trial before upgrading to a paid private or shared proxies. Look also for how-to articles and “top” or “best” proxy list articles. Expect a good number of options to choose from and pitches to get online right away. These proxies should make it harder for a user’s computer to reveal its identity and to preserve their perceived security.

Despite being free and available almost everywhere, public proxies are sometimes quite challenging to use. With a little patience, you can make it work for you. Most public proxy sites offer information to address connection problems. After understanding these stats and their functions, it will be easy for you to use a public proxy effectively.

Another option is to get an efficient and reliable software for you to manage and use proxy servers which you may get for free. However, these programs could create more problems for you when you configure them. Make sure to read and understand FAQs answers to your most pressing questions. Check whether the software you are downloading is compatible with your chosen proxy server.

Are Public Proxy Servers Secure?

Without doubt, any kind of proxy service can give you the basic benefits. It can give you access to restricted sites and hide you to prevent sites or servers from outside your network. Compare this to just relying on your firewall for protection.

Paid proxies are obviously less popular than free public proxies, but this is not to say that it will remain so. It is gaining traction among business and community organizations and individuals working at home across the globe. What they offer are consistent with the reasons for using a proxy server. Why? Because the threat of privacy invasion, illegal surveillance and identity theft is real. The potential costs of security breach is also high. The good news is that there are a lot of options out there for more secure online connections.

Private proxies are dedicated proxies for individuals and they are designed basically for the same reason as open proxies, but they are the true anonymity tools. Why? A provider of dedicated proxy service assigns a unique proxy list to each user and does not show its proxy status to servers outside the network. Unlike public proxies, it does not attraction attention to itself. The price is worth all the trouble you go through for configuring and managing your connection.Before taking a leap of faith with public proxies, take time to check how much a more secure and anonymous connection costs and what is in it for you if you get a paid proxy.