Proxy Server List

Finding the best proxy servers with access to public is just like finding water in desert. But still there are databases of proxy servers available with large amount of information in them. One of the concerns a user could face with those kinds of proxy servers is that any body can access them which make it busier. On top of the when those proxy servers are open to all of the users your never know when a hackers will take an advantage and your will end up giving all the personal information all these kind of things make them very problematic. When we are talking about users who really care about there identity it is highly unadvisable for them to use such proxy servers.

After all protecting identity is one of the best thing a user want when the user is using proxy server and if u don’t get that it does not worth it to use such kind of proxy servers. Although good proxy servers give different proxies to there user if they are permanent but those who provide same to all kind of user are not doing there job properly. When some thing is available very easily it attracts a lot of people toward it self but in case of proxy server when does that happen it end up with lose of speed of browsing which is not a good thing for a proxy server. So always take your time and look for best available even though it will be difficult to find but it worth to spend time finding it. It will save a user from a lot of trouble and will do its job properly.

As we mention above those proxy server who can be listed as no reliable don’t able to keep there users identity safe and make its harder to browses because it consumes more and more time. In this way we can divide proxy server with the level of there services but in addition of that some proxy server do mention that what kind of anonymity they are providing so it will be easy for user to select them according to its needs.