Privacy and Security Using a Web Proxy Server

Every day, lots of important data is sent online from one destination to another for different purposes. Online work and exchange of information involves a great risk for users to be exposed to criminal acts like hacking, misuse of private information, and much more. Therefore, we need to make sure of our safety and security while online and concealing your IP address is the key. A web proxy server is one of the best options to protect your privacy online.

Basically, a web proxy works as a middleman between a user and website. It filters out the data received from the user and sends the user’s request to the website. Specifically, it receives whatever you request (text, song, video or graphics), transfers it to the website and then it sends the website’s response to your computer. This goes on and on, ideally quickly, so that you can browse while concealing your identity and your real IP address.

Why Is it Important to Hide Your IP Address?

Your IP address holds great importance as your fingerprint or signature holds. Every time you connect to a website or with anyone, your connection reveals your IP address to the website you are connecting with. It works this way so that the target website knows how to send your requested information back to your computer.

Consequently, your IP address can be used to check your exact location and to associate it with your name and home address. It can be used to block you from accessing content from some websites. Somebody can potentially figure out your ISP as well. Since the ISP holds all the records of your online transactions and personal data. These include your email account information, browsing history, your online bank account details, and more. Illegal access to all of these personal data can be harmful to you. Worse, cyber crimes can be done by anyone who is untraceable and sitting miles away in another country or continent.

Do You Need a Web Proxy Server?

You can use a web proxy to conceal your web searches:

  • from your ISP
  • from the websites you are visiting
  • from those who might be tracking your online habits
  • from any particular website that is logging your activity
  • from websites that have restrictions in your country
  • from ruthless advertisers who want to send you malwares

Because you are anonymous while online, it unblocks websites you connect to.  In addition, (depending on which proxy you use) you can use web proxy for compressing data, blocking ads and pop-ups, removing scripts, and deactivating cookies.

Choosing the Best Web Proxy Server

If you are sending sensitive information online and anonymity is critical to your tasks, you may not like a web proxy that:

  • declares it is a proxy but will disclose your IP address anyway (transparent)
  • identifies itself as a proxy to the target site, but won’t give your IP address (anonymous)
  • gives an incorrect IP address, but identifies itself as a proxy to the target website

Free proxies are the easiest to find and they may be available as transparent or anonymous proxies. However, these can be  unreliable if you are looking for a high level of security and privacy. Your best option is a private highly anonymous proxy server which hides both the proxy status and IP address of each user. If you check  other benefits, you will find it is worth the affordable sum you will pay for type of web proxy service.