How to Unblock Websites

Most of the people love to use internet for the entertainment purpose. Since, educational institutions and companies have observed that these entertaining websites like Twitter, MySpace, Facebook and other such sites are distracting their employees and students attention from work and studies. Therefore, in order to make employees and students concentrate on their work and studies fully, companies and schools have restricted the access to these sites from office or school networks.

As they say that when there is a will there is a way therefore, to get access to these blocked websites there is a way too. Basically, websites are blocked by IP addresses and when the user with the IP address make an attempt to visit the blocked page they are been stopped due to the identification of their IP address.

If you are interested to bypass the internet restriction, there is way that can help you getting to the restricted websites. For that you need to do some research online to search a best and reliable proxy server. By using any good search engine and searching for keywords like web based proxy, you can get a list of available proxy sites to make a selection from.

There are numerous proxy options available online such as open proxy. You can easily use these open proxies without any signing ID or password. After being on the open proxy site you can without wasting any time you can visit any of your desired but blocked website. As these proxy sites hides your IP address from the website owners so that you can easily get entrance to these blocked sites. By using proxy site your network connection or IP address that you are allotted for your system will not be identified by the website and hence they cannot block your entrance to the site. The IP address of the proxy site is been shown to the website in place of your computer’s IP address. There are few open proxy sites which are not safe hence; you needed to be careful while selecting a open proxy site for your use. Such websites based on the aim to misuse and spammers to sites that blocks the requests coming from the open proxy servers.

In order to provide more security and protection while using these proxy sites, there is a better option to these open proxies that is paid proxies that charge you a small amount of money for their quality services. Though you pay a very small amount of money to such paid proxy sites but it gets you a guaranteed secure proxy server usage and keeps your personal data safe from others. Hence, web proxy sites are one of the best options to get access to restricted websites.