Understanding The Proxies

There are numerous individuals who are known of the proxy sites but haven’t used them. On internet there are plenty of proxy sites available.

Majority of the schools attribute for the free wireless access of the internet. One of the main problems that these kinds of networks hold is the limited access. Therefore, at most of the times the user cannot get access to their desired websites as they have been blocked by the network provider.

For the solution of such issues the only solution that users are left with is to use proxy sites to get access to these banned websites. While using the proxy server in the schools, the network administrator will be unable to restrict you from using those blocked sites, as they will be gaining information related to the proxy sites visits but not the sites that you are actually visiting.

One another advantage of these proxy sites is that it keeps the records saved in your browser of all the visited websites. Therefore, the browser will keep all the links of the websites that you have visited in past, as you have typed all the websites addresses in the search bar of the browsers. All these addresses are just save inn your browser but not in the computer.

In addition to this the proxy server doesn’t allow third parties to get to know about the online activities of the user and this is because others will be getting details about the proxy site that the user is using and hence they can see the IP address of the proxy site but not of the user’s system. Hence, if the user uses different proxy sites for different websites visit, it will be difficult and confusing for others to trace the user’s identity as all the time you will be log in with different IP addresses.