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Article Can I choose locations?
The number of locations you can get depends on your proxy package. Please check available...
Views: 10186
Article Can I combine multiple accounts?
Our system do not support merging of accounts. Each account is tied up to separate billing...
Views: 2876
Article Can I test a proxy before purchasing?
We do not provide trial proxies due to abuse. We suggest buying the smallest package, to test if...
Views: 7005
Article Can I use your proxies for email?
Yes. We allow webmailing with our Private Proxies using yahoo/hotmail/aol/gmail. We do not allow...
Views: 8748
Article Can I use your proxies with Craiglist?
We do not give guarantee for Craiglist, due to its dynamic environment. Our customers report...
Views: 7138
Article Can I use your proxies with FB, Twitter, IG and YouTube?
Yes, our proxies works great with social media websites. It is best to use 1 proxy per account...
Views: 12876
Article Do you have username & password authentication?
No, our proxies use IP-based authentication. Which means, after authorizing your IP address, you...
Views: 11920
Article How can I downgrade my proxies?
Downgrade can be requested 7 days prior to due date. You will be refunded for the remaining days...
Views: 3054
Article How can I stop recurring charges?
For 2checkout, we can stop your payment subcription. Please kindly submit a ticket to support....
Views: 10194
Article How can I upgrade my proxies?
Upgrade can be requested at anytime. Cost is prorated. Next due date is the same. Normal rates...
Views: 4451
Article How come I still receive invoice notification when I'm on auto pay?
All customers will receive invoice notification - with or without auto pay. This is system...
Views: 2980
Article How do I cancel my account?
Please submit a ticket to support for your cancellation request.
Views: 13164
Article How long is set-up time?
Proxies are reallocated automatically (within 5 minutes) once payment has been completed. You...
Views: 6276
Article How many IPs can I authorize?
Maximum allowed authorized IP is 10.
Views: 3366
Article How to set my authorized IP?
1. Login to the VIP control panel.2. Click \"Authorized IPs\"3. Click \"[Add to auth list]\" to...
Views: 3157
Article I have dynamic IP, can I still use your proxies?
Yes, you can. We provide a control panel where you can easily update your authorized IPs. You are...
Views: 8900
Article I like to be an affiliate. How can I apply?
Please register online at You can view your unique referral ID...
Views: 2881
Article I need 2000 proxies or more. How can I order?
We would like to understand your needs first for large orders, please submit a support ticket and...
Views: 3256
Article I paid late, how come my account was still suspended?
Auto reactivation does not apply for suspended accounts because you will loose days on your...
Views: 3097
Article I paid, but didn't receive my proxies. Why?
Sorry for the inconvenience. Proxy details are emailed after completed payment. Please check both...
Views: 3179
Article I want to become a reseller. What is the procedure?
We can set up a non-branded control panel for your customers on the domain you are reselling...
Views: 3710
Article My credit card got declined. Why?
Please double check the billing address indicated in the order page, it should match the address...
Views: 2967
Article My proxies are not working. How to fix it?
There's a lot of reasons why proxies are not working. Please do the following: 1. Ensure you have...
Views: 7239
Article What are the payment options?
We accept PayPal, 2Checkout and Bitcoin.
Views: 5882
Article What is Squid Proxies Refund Policy?
Our money back guarantee is within 7 days after payment. If you're not happy with the proxies,...
Views: 3808
Article What is the difference between shared and private proxies?
Shared proxies are simultaneously used by multiple clients. These do not guarantee access to...
Views: 8544
Article What type of proxies do you sell?
These are HTTP/HTTPS proxies running on high end dedicated proxy servers. 
Views: 7895
Article When can I refresh my proxies?
We allow refresh of private proxies once per month, upon renewal payment. Kindly submit a ticket...
Views: 12988
Article Where are my proxies located?
To look up the proxy location, please visit If you need assistance, please submit a...
Views: 3472
Article Where can I use your proxies?
You can use it with almost any application that supports HTTP/HTTPS Proxies. We support all...
Views: 6413
Article Where can I view my proxies and add my authorized IP?
You can view your proxies and manage your authorized IP at: The...
Views: 8950

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