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Founded in 2010, SquidProxies.com has built one of the largest global proxy networks with millions of private proxies for any legal use. We specialize in offering custom proxy solutions that meet high volume and performance requirements. Our services are 100% guaranteed at our expense.

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$ 100
/100 Proxies
  • Elite Anonymity
  • No GB Fees and Restrictions
  • Shared by 2-3 users


$ 24
/ 10 Proxies
  • Exclusive and dedicated
  • Elite Anonymity
  • Unlimited GB & threads


$ 1
(Under $1/IP)
  • For orders above 1,000+ IPs
  • Everything in Private
  • Technical integration support


Best Proxy Price and Feature Ratio

Elite Anonymity

Get the highest level of IP anonymity. Hide your origin IP without revealing the use of proxy.

Multi-Gigabit Servers

Connect to any of our servers located worldwide. Enjoy dedicated and multi-gigabit connections.

Multiple IP Subnets

Enhance your privacy and anonymity. Get high IP diversity from various cities.

Non-sequential IPs

Minimize your digital footprint and receive proxy IP addresses from various locations.


No restrictions and no additional fees based on the amount of bandwidth you use.


Works with all tools & devices that support HTTP and HTTPS proxies.


No advertising of any kind on our proxy servers for a true private browsing experience.


Get a free proxy refresh every month, after each renewal payment.

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For private and anonymous browsing.

For speed and stability.

For fast data transmission.

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For secure connections.

For maximum compatibility.

For fixed IPs and sticky sessions

Frequent Questions

A proxy server is a middleman between a user’s device and the internet. It enhances security, privacy, and performance. Proxy servers filter and inspect incoming and outgoing traffic to block malicious content and prevent unauthorized access. It can mask the user’s IP address which provides a layer of anonymity and reduces the risk of identity exposure. It is also used to improve speed and performance by caching frequently requested resources.

Proxy servers and a VPN (Virtual Private Network) are tools used to enhance online privacy and security, but they operate differently.

While a VPN encrypts all internet traffic from a user’s device, a proxy selectively routes specific types of traffic.

Proxies are often used for specific applications like web scraping or file sharing. They are generally more cost-effective, simpler to set up, and easier to use. Due to the selective routing of traffic, they also offer better speed.

When a user makes a request, the proxy server forwards it to the destination server on their behalf. The destination server responds to the proxy, which then relays the information back to the user. This process allows the proxy to filter and inspect traffic, block malicious content, and enhance security.

SquidProxies provides effortless setup and expert technical support. Our intuitive proxy configuration process is designed for ease of use, and our dedicated support team is available to ensure your experience is seamless. Our proxies are compatible with all tools and software that support HTTP and HTTPs proxies.

Yes. Our Private Proxy IPs allow personal webmail access with popular providers like Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, and Gmail.

However, Shared Proxies are not suitable for webmail due to shared resources.

We don’t impose fixed mailing limits, but please remember our Acceptable Use Policy prohibits spam.

For testing, grab our smallest Private Proxies package and upgrade seamlessly if it suits your needs.

Yes. We recommend using 1 dedicated proxy per account for optimal performance and to prevent account issues.

Start by trying our 10-Private Proxy Package at a risk-free price. If it’s not the perfect fit, simply request a full refund within 7 days.

Yes. Simply contact our support team to place your requests. 

We offer premium-only plans designed to deliver real results.

To experience the full potential of our service, we recommend starting with our most affordable package. All plans come with a money-back guarantee, so you can try with confidence!

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