High Performance Proxy Servers

Enterprise-grade proxies for corporate and personal use.

SquidProxies Private Proxies

Gigabit Servers

Worldwide servers with dedicated multi-gigabit network speeds.

No Software

Compatible with the HTTP proxy standard supported by all major browsers.

Non-sequential IPs

Receive IPs from various subnets and locations. For custom requests, contact us!

Customer Support

24/7 top-notch support. Available via email and live chat. Test our response time!

Unlimited Bandwidth

No server restrictions on the amount of bandwidth you use.

No Advertisements

No advertising of any kind on our anonymous proxy servers.

100% Compatibility

Works with ALL browsers and software that support HTTP/ HTTPS proxies.

Guaranteed Access

Exclusive and secure access to you proxies. Authenticate your IPs and start proxying!

Multiple IP Subnets

Get high IP diversity from various cities around the world.

Elite Anonymity

Hide your origin IP without revealing that a proxy is used.

Affordable Prices

We offer among the best prices in the industry. Compare away!

Fresh IPs monthly

A full proxy refresh can be requested after each renewal payment.

Founded in 2010, SquidProxies.com has built one of the largest global proxy networks with millions of private proxies for any legal use. We specialize in offering custom proxy solutions that meet high volume and performance requirements. Our services are 100% guaranteed at our expense.