Risks and Benefits of using Anonymous Proxy Servers

Most of the people think that there is nothing that can provide complete online security and privacy. As you connect with the internet you disclose all your details to others.

Whenever a user log in, the ISP or internet provider offers you a number that can be different at different times. As you enter any webpage, any chat room or any other site online this assigned number is been shown to others. Further more this number can disclose other details about you and your system such as your city, country, internet connection, server, and other such details.

In addition to this if a website you visit holds a counter or tracker means they have ability to gain data about your system, like operating system, browser you are using, screen resolution, keywords that you use to search for sites and your browsing history as well. The major advantage of anonymous proxy server is to provide the user secure and private browsing online. You can use various available anonymous proxy servers for the purpose.

As per the meaning of the proxy, the proxy server mainly works as middle party in between the user and the server of the website. Whatever request the user made is first received by the proxy server and then further send to the website server and lastly brings back the response to the user. An anonymous proxy server offers the user facility to hide their IP address and other details from the website they are visiting.

If you are interested to keep your identity and location hidden from others then best available option for you is the anonymous proxy site. These proxy servers also speed up your browsing if the browsing details are been store to a cache. You can classify the proxy server types as per the level of anonymity they offers. A sever that doesn’t offer anonymity and shows your IP address to others is known as transparent proxy server.

If you are using simple anonymous proxy server for browsing it will disclose to the website that request is made through the proxy but keeps the user’s details hidden. There are anonymous proxy servers that accept that it is proxy and provides the false IP address of the user to the website owners. There are some high level anonymous proxy sites that not disclose to the website that it is a proxy neither reveals user’s details. There is also some risk attached with the usage of the anonymous proxy sites. As all the data is been transferred through a proxy server firstly, therefore there is a risk of sharing any confidential information.

There are some malicious servers that do hold ability to store the user’s data and use it further for their own purposes. No matter if the server owner doesn’t intend to harm but there are chances that any third party gets the data is the server is not properly configured. Therefore, it is recommended to not to use any anonymous proxy site unless you found it completely reliable. While using any such site do try to keep your private data and passwords encrypted. If you want to have safe and secure browsing through these anonymous proxy sites then its better to do some research before selecting a site for use.