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Private Proxy Features & Pricing

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Number of Proxies
Multiple Cities
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Multiple Subnets
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Unlimited Bandwidth
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24/7 Support
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Instant Setup
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Monthly Price

Proxies are delivered automatically within 5 minutes of receiving payment. Start today, risk-free. No hidden fees and no long-term contracts. Cancel anytime. For location inquiries and requests, please contact support. 

High-Quality and Dedicated Proxy List

Squid Proxies Network Guarantee

Squid Proxies offers elite anonymous HTTP/HTTPS proxies, which means:

Our Guarantee: If your proxies don’t work for your purpose and our support team fails to resolve the problem to your complete satisfaction, then we’ll refund your payment in full. We don’t make one cent if we can’t serve your purpose.

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Dedicated Proxies for Every Purpose

Ad Tech

Ensure ad compliance, maintain high ad quality, and optimize geo performance with our reliable proxy network. Choose our proxies to verify ad compliance with brand standards and monitor geographic performance.

Brand Security

Shield your brand from counterfeits, pirates, and imposters with our enterprise-grade proxy servers. SquidProxies provide enhanced security and performance to help protect your business activities and reputation.


Protect your personal and business transactions from cyber threats with our elite anonymity proxies. Our proxies employ cutting-edge security measures to safeguard your sensitive information and financial transactions.

Data Research & Collection

Empower your large-scale market research and data collection with our high-performance proxies. SquidProxies deliver exceptional speed, reliability, and scalability so you can efficiently gather and analyze vast data without compromising quality.


Gain a competitive edge by anonymously accessing valuable data on pricing, product specifications, and customer reviews. Our proxy servers can help gather essential market intelligence without revealing your identity.

Social Media & SEO

Unlock the full potential of your marketing initiatives with our tool-compatible proxies. SquidProxies seamlessly integrate with social media and search engine optimization tools. Expand your reach and achieve your goals with unprecedented efficiency.

Reliable Proxy Service

Frequently Asked Questions

Private proxies are dedicated IP addresses used by one user.  With this type of proxy sever, you get unshared benefits and access to your proxy list.

Proxy prices varies. Every private proxy provider has their own pricing structure. Some providers charge per feature like gigabyte consumption, duration, targets. Others charge per proxy. Squidproxies charge per package.

  1. Select a package. The price will depend on the number of proxies you choose. The more proxies, the less price you pay.
  2. After payment, you will immediately receive an email containing your proxy account info.
  3. Log in to your proxy control panel and authorize your original IP address.
  4. Once your IPs are authorize, you can start using your private proxies!

After ordering an account with Squid Proxies, you can use these proxies by:
1. Logging into the proxy control panel to view your proxy list.
2. Setting your authorized IPs.
3. Configure your browser to use the proxy.

Squidproxies do not currently offer free proxies. We recommend ordering 10 proxies to test our service. All orders are also covered by our money-back guarantee. 

Definitely! Our private proxies work on all HTTP and HTTPs websites 

Yes, our proxies work with all tools that support HTTP/HTTPs proxies. You can use our proxies on your devices, browsers, and tools.

We accept PayPal, Bitcoin, and Credit Card Payments.