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Elite Proxies for Personal & Business Purposes

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SquidProxies offers elite anonymous private proxies for every purpose.

Our Guarantee: If your proxies don’t work for your purpose and our support team fails to resolve the problem to your complete satisfaction, then we’ll refund your payment in full. We don’t make one cent if we can’t serve your purpose.

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Dedicated Private Proxy Servers for Every Use Case

What is a Private Proxy?

Private proxies are dedicated IP addresses used by one user. With this type of proxy sever, you get unshared benefits and exclusive access to your proxy list.

How to use private proxies?

For tasks demanding consistent and reliable website access, private proxies are the superior choice. Unlike shared proxies, private proxies provide dedicated bandwidth and speed. This helps ensure optimal performance for any purpose. Additionally, these proies offer complete control over your IP and location. They also degrade less over time due to controlled use. They help maximize success rates when accessing websites and prevent blacklisting. Controlled usage also minimizes the risk of suspicious activity which ensures uninterrupted connections.

Data Research & Collection

Empower your large-scale market research and data collection with our high-performance proxies. SquidProxies deliver exceptional speed, reliability, and scalability so you can efficiently gather and analyze vast data without compromising quality.

Ad Tech

Ensure ad compliance, maintain high ad quality, and optimize geo performance with our reliable proxy network. Choose our proxies to verify ad compliance with brand standards and monitor geographic performance.

Brand Security

Shield your brand from counterfeits, pirates, and imposters with our enterprise-grade proxy servers. SquidProxies provide enhanced security and performance to help protect your business activities and reputation.


Protect your personal and business transactions from cyber threats with our elite anonymity proxies. Our proxies employ cutting-edge security measures to safeguard your sensitive information and financial transactions.

Business & Retail

Gain a competitive edge by anonymously accessing valuable data on pricing, product specifications, and customer reviews. Our proxy servers can help gather essential market intelligence without revealing your identity.

Social Network & SEO

Unlock the full potential of your marketing initiatives with our tool-compatible proxies. SquidProxies seamlessly integrate with social media and search engine optimization tools. Expand your reach and achieve your goals with unprecedented efficiency.
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Buy Private Proxy for All Purpose

Use your private proxies for a variety of use cases, including but not limited to:


Amazon, eBay


Twitch, Youtube


PS4, PS5, Online


FootLocker, Nike

Search Engine

Bing, Google, Yahoo



Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, more



Providing Reliable Private Proxy Service Since 2010

My review on SquidProxies - Straight foward professional website with all required pre-sale information. The site appears to be running on WHMCS which is a stable website client interface (I run a small reseller hosting site with it). - Pricing is among the most competitive I have come across, especially the forum promo is a steal. - Setup took less 10 minutes from payment before I had fully functional proxies working in SB - Proxy quality is top notch i'm getting very good latency considering im ways away from their location - SB success rate is anywhere between 50-80% which is the same or a bit better than other services I have tried - Proxies working well with SB, Tweek attack, sick submitter, RSS submitter, CPA lead trials, Traffic Travis - Customer service responded to my ticket before I could even blink, the problem was solved instantaneously and compensation was awarded without even asking. True customer service at work. Conclusion: Reliable, affordable service with great customer service. These guys are clearly serious about business. Highly recommend.
User Review
Just wanted to leave a review for SquidProxies since I have been using them for the last 6 months. This proxy service has been fantastic. The proxies are very reliable and fast. In fact, I don't think mine have gone offline for the entire time I've been using them. Every month I get a fresh batch and they always work perfectly. The one time I had to contact customer service about a change in billing, they responded quickly and were very helpful. Highly recommended!
User Review
These are great, private proxies.. and more importantly the price is right! They are not whored out so you will be pleased that you are really getting exclusives. I've been in the biz for awhile and these are one of the few suppliers who will actually make themselves available if you need them. Don't sleep on these. I am satisfied.
User Review
Hello, I am software developer and for my project (some kind of crawler) I needed proxies. After 6 month of work, I have to tell that SquidProxies are the best for following reasons: 1. The Price - One of the cheapest proxies I have seen. 2. Quality - In my specific project many of times other providers failed to retrieve valid response to my request (due to caching problems on the server) and my specific project (i don't only use Http Requests). 3. Speed - Have to say that the speed is great. For now it is constant, all of the proxies have the same good speed (in previous proxy providers only small number of proxies were fast). 4. Set Up - the set up is fast, in 10 minutes you can update your configurations like change ip etc. (and you don't need to wait for 2 hours ). Once again i am not using scrapebox (or something like that) so i don't know how it works there but in my software it works great .
User Review
My proxies got activated instantly almost, they are fast with really good time response. Site is easy to use (difficult to get easier) Fast also. My "inbox rate for SB has increased since yesterday 20% already Yay. prob looking more some more in the near future.
User Review
This is the fastest proxy server out there for netizens. Although it is not that much cheap as compared to others on this list, we can say that the price is reasonable according to the number of features it offers
Ordered 10 proxies and was using them in Scrapebox in less than 20 minutes. Proxies seem fast and very affordable - thank you! This is my first time buying proxies and it was easy squeezy to get it going.
User Review
All I can say I bought just a few minutes ago... Done set up and running super fast, fast, fast, and the VIP control panel was so simple to set up... I bought 10 to try but I will be back to upgrade if they stay half as fast as they are now...
User Review
SquidProxies did pretty well: the extraction speed (avg. 5 requests per second with given 50 threads) was quite high with zero errors. SquidProxies can be considered as one option that is competitive with modern rotating proxy services.
Proxy set-up was INCREDIBLY fast. I don't mind waiting a few hours or a day but the proxies were set-up in under 5 minutes. This is a really strong point so far. Proxies are so far, very good.
User Review

Frequently Asked Questions

After ordering an account with Squid Proxies, you can use these proxies by:
1. Logging into the proxy control panel to view your proxy list.
2. Setting your authorized IPs.
3. Configure your browser to use the proxy.

Squidproxies do not currently offer free proxies. We recommend ordering 10 proxies to test our service. All orders are also covered by our money-back guarantee. 

Definitely! Our private proxies work on all HTTP and HTTPs websites.

Yes, our proxies work with all tools that support HTTP/HTTPs proxies. You can use our proxies on your devices, browsers, and tools.

We accept PayPal, Bitcoin, and Credit Card Payments.