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We do not support refreshing shared proxies. If you require IPs for a specific purpose, we recommend upgrading to private proxies.

No hidden fees and no long-term contracts. Cancel anytime.

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SquidProxies is engineered to withstand heavy traffic without compromising your experience.

We meticulously optimize user allocation so your connection remains reliable and responsive.

Our shared proxies are strictly limited to prevent overloading and to maintain peak performance for your activities.

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What are Shared Proxies

Shared proxies are used by multiple users simultaneously. They are a cost-effective solution to achieve online anonymity and privacy.

On the other hand:

Private Proxies are faster, more secured, dedicated to one user, and guaranteed for your specific purpose.

Custom Proxies are for specialized requirements that are not covered by our packages. It is ideal for high volume and higher performance requirements.

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They are great for marketing and use with social media sites, most notably Instagram! Many users have reported great success and reliability while using the Squid Proxies servers for Instagram automation.... Squidproxies offer Non-Sequential IPs with a fast connection. The servers they offer are incredibly reliable, with fewer errors than many other services.
It is offering great privacy or anonymity. Your IP address is hidden without knowing that you are using a proxy. You will receive non-sequential IPs from different subnets and locations.
Cheap and easy-to-use private and shared proxies with excellent support on hand. Not many features, but otherwise a must-see for proxy beginners and old hands on a budget.
SquidProxies is another good option for developers seeking fast servers and global coverage. The company's proxies are well-known for their high performance and the shared and dedicated proxy packages available.
SquidProxies did pretty well: the extraction speed (avg. 5 requests per second with given 50 threads) was quite high with zero errors. SquidProxies can be considered as one option that is competitive with modern rotating proxy services.
This is the fastest proxy server out there for netizens. Although it is not that much cheap as compared to others on this list, we can say that the price is reasonable according to the number of features it offers
The setup times were fast, the proxies performed extremely well and the support was fantastic. There’s nothing else to really say about this service. If you are in the market for affordable and high-quality proxies, we would definitely recommend
These proxies are a perfect option for those people who are looking to do SEO work with private proxies and use scraping tools. Squidproxies provide proxies that are fully compatible with scraping tools such as ScrapeBox.
Because of their dependable and secure resource pool, the majority of internet marketers and social media specialists picked Squid proxies as the top proxy service provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

After ordering an account with Squid Proxies:
1. Log into the proxy control panel to view your proxy list.
2. Set your authorized IPs.
3. Configure your browser to use your proxies.

We currently do not offer free proxies.

Yes. Our proxies work with all tools that support HTTP and HTTPs proxies. You can use our proxies on your devices, browsers, and tools.