Which Proxy Script and Template to use and why?

As you get your proxy domain name and you get your proxy web hosting finalized, next step you need to do is to select a well designed and planned proxy template for your proxy site. There are numerous proxy templates available to make a selection. Therefore, if you are unable to get a better designed proxy template for your site, its better to select any from these free web templates. To get a customized template, it requires a huge amount of money to be paid to the programmers to make a template as per your desire but it is not required actually.

If you have ability then you can design a template for site at your own with some unique design and features. By doing this you will get a perfect template using your creativity and in a way you can also earn some money by selling and advertising the proxy templates. There are also other options available like PHProxy, CGI proxy, Zelune and PHPhantom, as well.

The proprietors of Zelune offer new and unique scripting styles in comparison of others. The site offers a variety of templates holding pros and cons for every template. Therefore, it is recommended for the beginners to go for Zelune, PHProxy or PHPhantom scripts, to make a start. Though, it’s just a suggestion as we consider these as best available option but you can also find many better other sites as well.

Zelune is considered to be the best site that provides the users a variety of latest and good looking templates. In addition to this Zelune also provides a proxy analytical tool known as clicker tracker that helps you in gaining knowledge that what number of visitors visits your website in a day.

After gaining all the above stated knowledge you will be able now to select a script and template you are interested to have. Before making any decision it is better to get the surety that the template holds reasonable space for ad sense or any other advertisement. If you are interested in getting a unique, good looking template for your site, you can also search online for different sites that can offer you a great help. If your template is not working for you effectively that means there is need of replacement of the template. It is also recommended to use your own creativity for designing a better template for your site.