Proxies actually work as a medium that connects a user to his/her desire website. Proxies, work as a wall that separates a computer, Internet and network administrator. By using proxy server you can hide the web pages that you have opened on your computer screen from the network administrator, as he can just see the proxy website opened with you on your screen. While using proxy server your request is firstly received by the proxy server and then transferred to your desired website.

In comparison of other methods to hide IP address liker IP hiders or scramblers, proxies is a much better option to be used as other IP hiding ways are not that effective and can cause errors or problem in getting the webpage loaded. One another option available is using anonymous proxies that can also be helpful in hiding ip address. Anonymous proxy sites are quite safe and effective to use for browsing from your office or educational institution as it will just show the proxy server address to others hiding actual websites you are visiting. It’s not a problem at all if your proxy is blocked or stopped working as you have plenty of other proxy sites available easily online.

Proxies are not only useful to provide protection and security against the leakage of personal data but also helpful in increasing the browsing speed. Most of times these proxies remember the history of web pages you visit frequently via proxy server, therefore whenever you reopen those websites using proxies you don’t need to make a search neither have to wait for loading of the page. It is an effective tool especially for people interested in watching videos online, as most of the times buffering of these videos are slow, whereas if you connect to the website through proxy you can get your video loaded much faster as its already been buffered previously and you can enjoy much faster browsing.

If you want to get access to web sites restricted by the network administrator of your school or workplace, you can use easily and safely option of proxies. If you use proxies to open blocked web pages, that means there is no chances at all that the administrator will ever know that which website you have opened on your computer screen and you can easily use and update your social networking accounts like facebook, orkut and also you can play different online games using your school or office computer. Since, you have received all this valuable knowledge regarding proxies, therefore you have learned enough to start using this technique at your own from now.