How to find your IP Address

If you are interested in knowing your IP address, there are numerous ways that can be used in searching for your IP address online. This article will provide you some effective methods that can be helpful for you in searching for your IP address.

One of the most simple and easiest ways to get your IP address online is to use proxy server sites. You can also search your IP address using command prompt. The command prompt is helpful for individuals whose PC is connected with the internet and they interested to get their PC related details. Just press the Windows key that you can see on your keyboard in the mid of the left CTRL and ALT keys. Next you need to push ?R? key on the keyboard and that will show you a display box on your screen. You can type CMD.exe in it and to find the IP address type netstat from the command prompt and this will get you all details about your network connection including IP address.

It is a fact if you can get your IP address that easily then off course others can also do so. For instance when you send an email to someone your IP address is there in the header of the email page that the receiver can see easily. By just looking into the header info and find an IP locator online anyone can search for the sender’s IP address. If you just simply copy and paste the header’s IP address in the IP locator box you will get the exact location of the sender.

Getting access to anyone’s IP address can be risky as well while using internet. As your IP address can also let others know you’re ISP and since your ISP holds all the details about your online working and shared information online, that can be misused if been received by anyone else.

In advanced technology era it is necessary that everyone make efforts for their security and protection, especially while working online. Online crime is getting more and more common these days and hence there is a great need to be careful and use secure ways of browsing such as proxy severs that can help in hiding your IP address as your IP address can provide online criminals information that can misuse to harm you. Therefore, protection is important for all the online users.