IP Look Up

An IP lookup can be helpful for individuals owning a blog or webpage to locate people visiting their page. IP lookup can also be helpful to know the person if you receive any email or message from unknown id. If you are interested in getting some more details about the unknown email sender through his IP address you can get that as well. There are numerous websites available online offering services to help you in IP lookup.

In order to start with IP lookup firstly you need to get the IP address of the computer you are interested in getting details of. An IP address comprises of four digits within the range of 0 to 255 and there are decimal points to separate each number. IP address is almost like a phone number for every PC. By using administrator panel service at every good blog site like at Blogger or WordPress, you can easily locate the IP address of the person visited your page. The admin panel of these blog sites holds the list of IP addresses of each and every person visited the blog page.

In order to go for a lookup of an IP address of anyone from whom you received an unknown email or message, IP tracking procedure will be quite different. As you receive an email, just near by the name of the sender you can see a button with wording like view full information. After clicking the button you will get the further details about the person including the IP address. As you get the IP address you can easily go for IP lookup in order to get details about the unknown email sender.

You can use any good search engine like Google to get a list of sites that can help you if you are interested in IP lookup of any IP address. After visiting any site you can place the IP address in the search box and can receive some more details about the IP address. You cannot get the name of the person, residential address or street name but you can locate the city, state and country of the IP address user.