What is my IP?

While gaining knowledge regarding IP addresses, mostly individuals have many questions to be answered in their minds related to IP like what is my IP, what IP address is, and many others. In order to gain some understanding regarding what is IP and its uses in networking. IP address of the computer is its identification that helps in locating the location of the computer ant location of its network connection. IP of the computer enables the PC to connect with other computers via internet.

If you are interested in knowing your IP address then Google search engine is the best option for you. All you need to type in the search box keywords like what is my IP address? Or what’s my IP? And google will get you a list of websites that can help you in knowing your IP address in just few seconds. Other then these above mentioned key words you can also use what’s my ip or may be what my ip address is. By using these keywords you can easily get an answer to your question that what is your IP address.

IP address seems and also works like a phone number. The way we need a phone number for telephones similarly to connect internet for communication via internet we need an IP address for our computer. Ip address contains four numbers within a range of 0 to 255 and in between every digit there is a period. IP address is helpful in locating address of the PC means which city or country in the world it belongs to. There are many websites that can be a great help in locating any IP address easily in just few seconds.

This article can be a great help in people having such question in their mind that what is IP and what is their IP address. If someone is good in mathematics it will be easy for him to understand that there could be numerous possibilities within the range of 0 to 255. Six billion people globally can get IP addresses within this range of numbers and easily change their IP addresses. Therefore, government and networking related companies like Google should try to come up with some solution to resolve this issue for the safety of users before it’s too late.