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SquidProxies proxy checker is a tool designed to assess the health of your proxies. It helps verify whether your proxies are active and works for your target website. It also shows your proxies response time when connecting to your target URL.

How to Check Your Proxies

Proxy Checker - How to check your poxies - Step 1

Step 1. Login to your Proxy Account.

Go to https://vip.squidproxies.com/. Once you're logged in, click on the "Test Proxies" tab.

Proxy Checker - How to check your poxies - Step 2

Step 2. Enter your proxy IP addresses and port numbers.

By default, the field "Proxies to test" will have all your proxy list. Add and remove IP addresses as needed.

Proxy Checker - How to check your poxies - Step 3

Step 3: Fill in your Target URL and optional fields.

SquidProxies work with all HTTP and HTTPS enabled websites. You can also set your expected text and enable retries.

Proxy Checker - How to check your poxies - Step 4

Step 4: Click on the Test button.

After clicking "Test", you will see which proxies worked for your target URL. It will also include the response code, status, and time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my proxies work for my target URL?

After clicking the “Test” button, you should see “Success” beside your proxy IP.

My test is returning “Failed”. Can you help?

Definitely. Contact our team via live chat or email and we’ll help fix the issue.

My proxies response time is too long. Can you check?

Sure. We can help troubleshoot or replace your proxies with faster ones.

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