Proxy IRC List

For a human being it is very difficult to live alone with out talking to any body so when it come to internet world users usually use chatting software to talk to each other while they are available on there PCs. IRC is one of that software which usually allows your to talk to a lot of people in one time with out even knowing them before. But usually it’s very difficult to use chatting software from any where unless you are connected to internet.

When we talk about internet it always increases the important of proxies even when we will be talking about chatting software like IRC there will be a use of proxies available there. Users with a lot advance gadgets can access them any where they want to. A user will get big verity of different topic with reference to location or age group etc available which usually divides in to channels and those channels allows common interested people to gather at one place.

One of the big advantages a user will get is that a user will not be in need of running the IRSSI. IRSSI is an IRC client program originally written by Timo Sirainen. User can get in touch with any channels user wants to which will be a good thing to happen.

Usually users have some nick name to identity them selves in IRSSI which can be registered just for there use and it will be important that they will only get connected with that nick name but when they will go offline there will not be any kind of notice available to other users that the user is no longer available.

When your will disconnect and will try to find out what your have done previously over the IRSSI it will not be available to you some can regard it as a problem but one should keep in mind that it could be make available with the help of script .

Like all the software we are always running on code on in this case brackets will guide your to go to next part but it is advised that copy paste will not work here.