Proxy List

People seeking for proxy server in order to get access to restricted websites at their work place or school, can use proxy list to get help that can save their time and efforts. These proxy lists holds numerous links of websites that can be used to get free proxy servers. A proxy list is an effective tool for people who are unable to reach their desire websites and get entertained by playing different games, watching movies or videos, or doing chat with friends worldwide.

By using a proxy server you can easily get access to different restricted social networking sites like facebook, twitter or Myspace, you can play online games, and also reach adult websites as per your interest. Though it is not recommended to visit such sites during study or working hours but still decision is in one’s hands and this article is just providing knowledge and help to people interested in getting access to restricted websites. There are people who wanted to use proxy server for the sake of privacy so that their personal information should be hacked or shown to others. Therefore, proxy server is great help for all these purposes as it allows you to use internet safely being unknown.

If you are visiting any web page using proxy server, its not possible for others to see your IP address as you are using proxy server working as a middle man between you and website you visit. Therefore, you will be shown visiting proxy server site not the web page you are visiting actually. Due to the increasing demand and awareness, today worldwide uncountable people are using proxies and getting benefits. You can see around you in your office or at your school, where your own class fellows and co workers are using proxy technique to visit restricted sites.

Due to these proxy servers, all the efforts made by the companies and school administration to control employees and students visiting entertaining websites is getting failed. A proxy list helps in gaining knowledge about all the opened and closed proxy servers. It is better to change proxy server after sometime for your safety. All these provided knowledge regarding proxy list and servers can be a great help for you if you are also facing any such problem at your office or educational institution.