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SquidProxies Promise

If your proxies don’t work for your purpose and we’re unable to resolve your issue, then we’ll refund your payment in full. Our services are 100% guaranteed at our expense. We specialize in offering custom proxy solutions that meet high volume and performance requirements.

Global Proxy Network

Social Media Proxies with Guaranteed Quality

Exclusive Use

Unshared IPs to manage your social profiles.

Unlimited Bandwidth

No restrictions on your bandwidth usage.

Elite Anonymity

Highly anonymous servers to hide your footprint. 

Multiple Cities

Get IPs from various cities worldwide.

Dedicated IPV4s

Best proxies for social media use cases.

Static IP Address

Maintain your IPs for as long as you need.

Fresh IPs Monthly

Request full list refresh every renewal payment.

24/7 Support

Top-notch support team available 24/7.

Secure Proxies For Social Media Platforms

Social Media Management: Efficiently manage multiple social media accounts from one location while ensuring the security and anonymity of each account’s actions. With Squidproxies, you can utilize different IP sources and mitigate the risks of IP-related penalties.

Monitoring: Monitor your target local accounts anonymously. Gain valuable local insights and make informed decisions without having to be physically present in the area.

Scraping: Gather data from social media without getting blocked. Whether it’s for research or analysis, reliable scraping tools and proxies can help get the data you need.

Automation: Automate securely and anonymously. Send likes, comments, and other actions en masse without risking suspension or other penalties. Boost your social media presence with the help of our elite proxies.

100% Compatible with Tools & Social Networks 

Our social media proxies work with all tools that support HTTP and HTTPs proxies. Whether it’s for social media automation or managing multiple accounts, our elite proxies can help you with complete ease and convenience.









Choose Your Package

10 proxies

$ 24 Monthly
  • 2 cities
  • 4 subnets
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Guaranteed features & quality

25 proxies

$ 48 Monthly
  • 3 cities
  • 6 subnets
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Guaranteed features & quality

50 proxies

$ 87 Monthly
  • 4 cities
  • 8 subnets
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Guaranteed features & quality

100 proxies

$ 160 Monthly
  • 5 cities
  • 10 subnets
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Guaranteed features & quality

200 proxies

$ 290 Monthly
  • 6 cities
  • 12 subnets
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Guaranteed features & quality

350 proxies

$ 455 Monthly
  • 7 cities
  • 14 subnets
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Guaranteed features & quality

500 proxies

$ 575 Monthly
  • 8 cities
  • 16 subnets
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Guaranteed features & quality

1000 proxies

$ 910 Monthly
  • 9 cities
  • 18 subnets
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Guaranteed features & quality

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Frequently Asked Questions

We currently only offer paid plans. If you’re unsure, we recommend starting with our smallest package. All our packages are covered by our money-back guarantee.

Squidproxies work with all social media networks. If our proxies don’t work for your intended target, contact us and we’ll help find ones that work!

We have servers across US, Europe, Australia, and Asia.

Yes, contact us via email or live chat.