Unblocked Proxy Sites

In the proxy community, “unblocked proxy sites” refers to websites that offer proxy services that can overcome website restrictions.

These sites route your internet traffic through their servers and assigns you a different IP address to access the blocked content.

Private vs Free Proxy Sites

FeatureFree ProxiesPrivate Proxies
CostFree$1 to $2 per proxy
AccessibilityEasy to findRequires research to find reputable providers
ReliabilityUnreliable, slow speeds, frequent downtimeConsistent uptime, faster speed
SecurityLow, unencrypted, data breaches possibleHigh, encryption and security features
TransparencyUnclear about how they work, may log data or inject adsReputable providers are upfront about features and limitations
Customer SupportNoneDedicated customer support available
Control and ChoiceLimited optionsLocation options, IP type (e.g., dedicated proxies, static proxies), bandwidth
SuitabilityCasual anonymous browsing, one-time use.Reliable, secure website unblockers. Best for tasks like web scraping or streaming

How to Use Proxies as Website Unblockers

Step 1: Within your Proxy account, navigate to the “Test Proxies” tab.

Proxy Checker - How to check your poxies - Step 1

Step 2. In the designated fields, enter the IP addresses and corresponding port numbers for the proxies you want to test. You can find this information readily accessible within your account’s “Assigned Proxies” tab.

Proxy Checker - How to check your poxies - Step 2

Step 3: Specify the website to unblock in the “Target URL” field. Additionally, feel free to complete any optional fields provided.

Step 4: Once you’ve filled in the necessary details, click the “Test” button. This will initiate the testing process.

Proxy Checker - How to check your poxies - Step 4

Upon clicking “Test,” you’ll be presented with results indicating which proxies can successfully access your target website. If you see an error message, simply contact us and we can help resolve the issue. 

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