Functioning of Free Proxy Servers

One of the main reasons of everyday increasing popularity of internet is availability of things free of cost online. Along with this it is also very important for the users to be careful regarding the privacy of their private data. These proxy servers offer its users fast and safe services but paid proxy servers are quite costly therefore, most of the users prefer free proxy server.

People searching for quality and reliable proxy servers can use proxy lists that can help them in getting a highly anonymous proxy sites that can enable users you safely and securely do the browsing online. It is quite tough job to do browsing as per your expected speed as there are plenty of users using the server at a time. Due to the heavy traffic on the proxy server the speed of browsing slows down and sometimes it’s extremely worst due to the rush on these sites. In order to get fast and secure proxy server users have to pay some cost.

Now a question can pop up in your mind that why these free proxy sites offers services free of cost? In most of the cases these free proxy sites are been set up or hacked without even consideration of their owners. The owner of these proxy sites get to know about this reality as they gain the knowledge about the charges and statistics of their websites.

There is majority of people that doesn’t care about the source of free proxy server and just starting availing the services. Therefore, they can’t expect proxy site to be efficient and safe for the usage. The owner or administrator of these proxy sites does hold the ability to get access to all the information that has been shared by the user while working online.