Free Anonymous Proxy

If you are interested in using proxies basically you have two options available to make your choice, one to get a paid proxy or you can also avail the other opportunity available of using free anonymous proxy sites used by most of users globally.

There are plenty of websites claiming for completely secure and reliable services but when you start using you face issues. You can get numerous websites online offering free anonymous proxies. Out of these all available free anonymous proxy sites online there are some which are really workable and secure to use in trading your data online. But there are some fake websites too that doesn’t provides services as they claim for. Before getting start using the site, it is very important that the user have trust in the anonymous proxy site’s administration. Therefore, to get that trust and confidence you need to verify the reliability of the anonymous proxy site.

There are some web based free anonymous proxy sites that are not that secure to use and been hacked. Due to the increasing usage of free anonymous proxy sites to get secure and safe internet browsing, hackers have started creating their own free sits under the title of anonymous proxy sites that they use for gathering private data of users for their use. As anonymous proxy server acts as a middle man between the user and the actual website server, therefore, all the information like IP address and other private data in been disclosed to this middle medium i.e. anonymous proxy server owner. Hence, your private data is been shared that can be misused and harm you.

Another option that you can avail is free anonymous proxy software that you can download in your computer system and use for hiding your IP address while browsing. Although both of the versions of anonymous proxy offers same anonymity level and same quality service but the only difference is the software is needed to be downloaded. You can easily get numerous options available online that allows you to download free anonymous proxy software but its better to make some research online to get best, reliable site to download this software. Free anonymous proxy also helps in protecting your computer or laptop if you are getting access to internet from any public place. It also protects the flash drives of your PC while using any public network connection.

All you need to do is to spare sometime to do some research work online in order to gain some knowledge regarding the advantages and disadvantages associated with anonymous proxy sites of software. There are both kinds of websites that offers good quality services and insecure services too, so one needed to be aware of the risk.