Free Anonymous Surfing

Due to the increasing rate of cyber crimes, internet users are seeking for ways to get protection. In the US, the FBI has set computer and network intrusions as one of its top priorities to ensure safe surfing. More people are now using free anonymous surfing services that are available from anywhere in the world. Using these proxy sites, users can work online in a safe mode for free. All it takes is using any good search engine and typing keywords such as proxy, they can find a proxy list to choose from.

How a Free Anonymous Proxy Server Works

As a middle communicator between a user and a website, an anonymous proxy receives messages from the user and conveys them to the target website. It brings back the responses to the user. The target website gets details about the middle party (proxy sites) without acquiring the user’s details saved and hidden. As a result, the user enjoys free anonymous internet browsing.

In many cases, people cannot access some sites (including social media sites because of restrictions imposed in their organizations. These users look for a way to go online without compromising their privacy and security. They try to find a way to unblock Youtube or Facebook specifically or unblock sites they are interested in. For many people, free anonymous surfing is the best way out. There are numerous websites that allow you to reach the restricted sites or help you in hiding your IP and other private details from your end.

Safety of Free Anonymous Surfing

You may want to seriously consider first the price of using a free anonymous proxy which could compromise your privacy and security. First, the server could be monitoring your connection though it protects your identity from other sites. It may also contain malicious software or malware. Cookies are a cause for concern. What are cookies? These are small data files from the website you are accessing which may contain sensitive personal data that can be acquired by hackers. The quality of service from free proxy sites, even if considered anonymous, can also be poor even if you can access blocked sites.

If and when you really have to use a proxy server for free, take necessary precautions. Remember that some hackers may also control over these servers. Choose an anonymous proxy service that is reliable in the delivery of quality and secure access to websites. Avoid disclosing personal information when you are online even when using a free proxy server. A hacker could be looking out for every bit of information you send. Install quality browser extensions and antivirus solutions to stop any malicious software from infecting your computer.

A growing number of people are becoming aware of the benefits and risks of using anonymous proxies. It serves as a warning to take necessary precautions even if you want to access as many websites as possible. This is good news considering that we need as much information and tools as we can get to protect our privacy.