Which Proxy Script and Template to use and why?

As you get your proxy domain name and your proxy web hosting finalized, your next step would be selecting a well designed and planned proxy template for your proxy server website. A proxy template basically includes files that you can edit to customize the design of the site.

Here are some considerations when setting up your proxy site and choosing a template:

  • Identify your target audience.

Choose a template that suits the age range and interests of your target audience. Select the template with your preferred theme or style, layout, and perhaps (as an option but not required) a character or logo to represent your site in the header.

  • Add text to make sure search engine bots crawl your website. You don’t want to distract users from using your site. Write up to five lines to give the visitors a bird’s eye view of what your site offers.
  • Use keywords you want the site to be associated with. Everytime a user types any of these keywords (for example: unblock Youtube, free proxy server, etc) your proxy site will be included as one of the results. This will depend on how well you have written your text to attract the attention of users as well as the search engine.
  • Use meta tags which can help identify your website and improve your rankings. Meta tags are excerpts in the page’s code that describe a page’s content.

As you go through selecting the best template from a list or as you design the proxy site, consider the factors mentioned above as your guide. There are numerous proxy templates available to make a selection, but the long list boils down to three types:

Free web templates are available online. You can search for them by searching via Google or other search engines.

For beginners, some of the options are Zelune, PHProxy or PHPhantom scripts. Zelune, for instance, offers new and unique scripting styles in comparison to others. The site offers a variety of latest and good looking templates. In addition, Zelune provides a proxy analytical tool known as Clicker Tracker that helps you monitor the number of visitors who visit your website in a day.

Paid customized templates are available from programmers as a paid service. One sure advantage of a customized template is that you will be hiring experts to design your proxy server website based on your specifications. The results are not entirely dependent on you but you will have a say on its design.

Design your own template if none of the available templates online is working for you effectively. Using your own creativity, create your own template for your proxy site with some unique features and design. Basically, what you will be doing first is to design a script and then save it as a template. Make sure that the template holds reasonable space for Ad Sense or any other advertisements. Everytime you want to tweak the design of your proxy server website, you won’t need to create a new script. You can work on your existing template. In a way, you can also earn some money by selling and advertising your proxy templates.