Proxy Sites: What They Offer

With the passage of time, the Internet has become a provider of multiple benefits to its users. Today,  you can get all the entertainment stuff online including games, music and movies. It is also a great source of educational materials for people from different walks of life. As the netizen population grew exponentially worldwide, website administrators started looking for ways to manage their servers. Basically, their goal is to manage their resources and making it optimal for their target market and the key is to regulate connections to their sites. Proxy sites work similarly in that they are also designed to manage a user’s online access or connection.

Who may be able to impact your Internet access? What are the factors that can affect your connection or limit your activity online? It pays to know to be able to choose the right proxy for you.

  • Your Internet service provider (ISP) can slow down your connection through bandwidth throttling, the deliberate slowing or speeding of Internet connection. The purpose is usually to manage network traffic and minimize bandwidth congestion. It can be employed at specific locations on the network.
  • Some websites may impose access restrictions that block you based on your location or some other factors. For example, some websites in the United States are not accessible from a user located in another country. In many cases, the reason is to be able to focus current bandwidth to local users.
  • Network administrators in companies and educational institutions, for example, ban employees and students from accessing entertainment websites.
  • Rogue websites may have malwares like viruses, Trojan horses, worms, adware, ransomware, spyware and other malicious software that can “infect” your devices and/or capture data from your computer.

What can proxy sites do to help improve your experience online?

  • Unblock Youtube, Facebook and other websites that may be blocked due to bandwidth requirements and other reasons
  • Bypass regional restrictions for users from anywhere in the world
  • Support anonymous browsing by replacing your IP address with the proxy server IP address.
  • Conceal the fact that you are connected through a proxy server
  • Provide high-speed dedicated servers
  • Encrypt communication to protect your privacy from spies online.
  • Provide web page caching for better response time, content availability as well as efficient bandwidth use
  • Supports network connection sharing

How to choose one from a selection of websites available online?

You want a proxy server that can provide most, if not all, of the above services for quality experience online. Rarely available from public proxies or free proxies, these features require a more robust design and digital infrastructure. It must have multiple IP subnets in various locations as well as dedicated servers around the world for improved network performance and speed. Another factor to consider is the use of non-sequential IP addresses for more private browsing. For ease of use and access, look for compatibility with popular browsers and HTTP/HTTPs protocols and uncomplicated setup instructions. If it also offers unlimited bandwidth for each user, then it is right on the money. Look for a private highly anonymous server that can provide all of these for an affordable price.