How To Scan For Your Own Non-Public Socks Proxy Servers

You can get numerous websites on internet that can offer you uncountable free public proxy servers. But it must be a way much better idea to get your own free and unlimited source of uncountable non-public proxy server for your use.

There are some free and effective tools available that can be used to get such site for you. Firstly, you need to get an IP Scanner, such as Super Scan and Angry IP Scanner. By searching on any good search engine like Google you can all the tools for free that you required. In this article we will discuss about the Super Scan.

Firstly you need to download and install Super Scan into your system and then you need to configure the scan setting by clicking Port list setup and then you can define that which port should be scanned. If you are finding HTTP Proxy servers its better to scan for ports such as: 80, 8080, 3128, 6588 and for SOCKS4 and 5 Proxy servers you can use port 1080.

All these above mentioned are common ports but there are some uncommon ports as well that you need to find at yourself for various proxies. As you are done with this you need to click OK and save the port list. Further you need to set Ping as 500, Connect should be set as 2000 and Read should be 4000.

Other settings depend on the internet connection that you are using and also your personal preferences. Timeout value is basically a time in milliseconds that the scanner takes before moving to the next IP address. The IP range is the toughest and trickiest part of this entire process.

It is recommended to have a good range of IP address to scan having high chances of Proxy Servers. For best results it is better to get a good working proxy online that can be used for scanning. For instance, if you get a good HTTP or SOCKS proxy at the IP address like, you can have two values in the scanner with IP range of: to

You can save the list as a text file if you get some proxies in the scanning. The next step is to get software known as Charon, used as Proxy Checker/Verifier that holds some powerful capabilities.

Then check all the IP addresses in the scan results and then open up Charon and load the IP address list that you have saved from SUPER Scan. It is better to load entire list in the main window and finally click the Check Proxies and then Check Anonymity of All Proxies. Then you can search for your own Proxy servers of all types such as HTTP, SOCKS 4 and 5, SSL and Transparent.