Bypass Proxy Server

When you hear “bypass proxy server,” two things come to mind. First, it could be about a proxy server that can be used to get past restrictions employed by websites.Or it could be about getting around a proxy server in a network which can also be used for blocking sites. In any case, it involves going around restrictions to be able to access online resources you want and need. Basically, it does not involve doing anything on the target websites’ servers but on the user’s end or your end.

Why some websites are blocked for users

Internet service providers (ISP), network administrators and website administrators are the most common parties that are blocking users from using online resources. Here are some of the reasons behind access restrictions:

  • To prevent access of websites deemed inappropriate for use in schools or offices
  • To block access to social media and other sites especially in  some countries with Internet restriction policy
  • To protect users in the network from accessing websites with known malwares
  • To be able to manage traffic to the site
  • To prevent security threats

How a bypass proxy server works

A proxy server acts as an intermediary between the user’s computer and the Internet, replacing the user’s IP address with its own. A website server that restricts services to a certain country can be accessed using any bypass proxy server located in that country. Some proxy servers that have caching abilities can also help speed up Internet surfing. By caching requested resources on the local hard disk, the proxy server can deliver said resources to the users faster.

Bypass proxies can also work around security restrictions and filters for social media and entertainment sites. There are valid reasons for blocking users like students and employees from accessing websites not appropriate for their use. However, individuals whose jobs involve social media presence need to unblock Youtube, Facebook and Twitter. Businesses that operate across continents also need to let their employees have full access to websites regardless of restrictions in their region.

When You Need to Bypass Proxy Server that Restricts Internet Access

Not all proxy servers are used to unblock websites. In fact, some proxies are used to manage Internet access for users in the network. They are used for user authentication, bandwidth control , and online time management for every user. Network administrators may also deploy proxy servers with Internet web  and content filter and software for scanning outbound content. If you are having problems connecting to some websites, you may want to check if you are  connected to a proxy server. If you are, then you can try disabling network proxy settings in your browser.


Proxy servers are not created equal. Most people who encounter problems accessing the Internet think of proxies as a solution to their problem. In some cases, a proxy server could be the reason why they are blocked in the first place. Blocked users may check their computer’s network proxy settings and make necessary changes. If this is not the case, then a bypass proxy server is called for. For best results, a highly anonymous private proxy (available for an affordable price) is highly recommended.