Functions of a Proxy Server

This article will provide you the knowledge that how proxy servers can be used effectively for the security and privacy of online workings and how systems are speed up by connecting to the proxy servers.

A network of computers means that the computer system or an application program is working as a server. Basically its function is to gather information from other servers, as per the demand of the user. Actually the user is connected to the proxy server to get access to any webpage, file or connection available on the server. On the basis of filtering policies and rules of the proxy server, firstly the request made by user is evaluated.

Let’s suppose the proxy server’s filtration can be based on the protocol or IP address of the users. As the request is been passed through the filtration process of the proxy server, the user’s computer is been connected to the requested server and user’s request is been delivered on the behalf of the user. The proxy server do holds the ability to alter the user’s request or website’s response to the user’s request as per the proxy server’s rules. In various cases it is also been observed that the request of the user is been respond without even any communication to the server of the site. In such situations the caches normally reply the remote server and pass the request of the user directly as per the same matter.

There are basically two main reasons of the proxy servers. One main reason is the privacy as by using proxy server you can work online being anonymous and your details will be secure. The other reason of using proxy server is that it makes the browsing speed faster through caching. Most of the people use proxy servers because of the caching facility that speeds up the browsing.

One another function of the proxy server is to send the replies and requests of the users without any interpretation and hence it also known as gateway or a tunneling proxy.

You can easily locate the proxy server in your system or even between the networking source server and user. There is another type of proxy that is reverse proxy that mainly function to increase browsing speed and cache the websites frequently visited by the user.

A proxy server can be used for numerous purposes but the most important is to reduce the hardware expenses. If the company is having several computer systems under the control of one server or having same network, don’t allow the systems to have direct connection the internet. Therefore, every computer systems connected with the same network is connected further to same proxy server and that proxy server is connected to the main server to get the access to internet.